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    Great support & very professional service provider... Cleaned my mattresses & car... Highly recommended especially with me having young kids & elderly at home... Thanks guys ...

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    Very good service, the site supervisor provide a very professional advise when doing site visit. Very professional service and my place smell so clean after their service. Price is very reasonable too!

    Definately worth a 5Star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟rating and 100% recommended!

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    Such a great service and they were such a professional and friendly team. They did a really excellent job, especially on the sofas and mattresses, and would definitely recommend them anytime.

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    Recommended service!

    My wife has sensitive skin. Recently, she started experiencing skin irritation in the form of rashes and some red spots that resembles bed bugs bite. Our suspicion of bed bugs was confirmed when I found an adult bed bug on our bed!

    So we had to call in the professionals to help us get rid of the bed bugs and dust mites.

    These guys used a powerful steam cleaning machine and did a thorough job. We had them steam and sanitised our beds, couches, sofas, washing machine, carpets and curtains. They also provided helpful tips on how we can avoid bed bugs in the future.

    After a few days of the initial service, we found out that one of the bed was still causing issues. I told the guys about it, and they offered to come over for FREE to re-do the bed!

    Now after the second time, my wife no longer suffers from rashes and bed bugs bite. 👍

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    I love the professional services and the way they sanitize my bed and Sofa. Clean and tidy. Good Job!

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    Joanne Lew

    Professional service at a reasonable price. They set a perfect example of outstanding customer service and going the extra mile for their customers. Well worth for the amount of work they do ...

    Highly recommended!

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    Richard Chi Yang Lu

    Very powerful machine and professional team! Reasonable price and very detail service. Around 2 working hours to clean my mattress and master bed base. In clouding 7 air conditioning and 4 bathrooms. Really thanks for professional service before we move in a new place.


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    YelaoShr Puncak Jalil

    Awesome service and wonderful result!Didn't expect that eco-friendly steam and sanitize could be done before this. And each corner and each chairs and etc they do their 100%! Now I can ensure parents that their child can enjoy as much as they wish in our environment 💛

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    Sean CH Tan

    Didn’t expect that they could do an air cond service job but they did it with the additional step of killing bacteria and clearing all the shitty dust in the unit. The room is fresh now.

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    Ashley Woon

    Perfect if you have pets or kids! highly recommend this

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    Tammy Lim

    Happy with the service and the work done by them this morning. I didn't think air conditioning unit can be steam to clean, flush and kill the nasty things the healthy way - just with water. Quite impressed that their steam equipment is like industrial level. The hot steam vapors are the real thing. I had them steam my bed, curtains, sofa, air cond and carpet. They did it in 60mins.

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    Jeryl Tay

    Good service for pets owners

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    Carol Yap Yee Yee

    Knowing that Steam & Sanitize's service is chemical-free, environmental friendly, and safe, I chose them to perform cleaning service at YelaoShr Learning Centers. As expected, the result is wonderful! Now, YelaoShr can ensure parents that children are learning in a clean and refreshing environment!


    Evane Gan

    Good experience with gas steam and sanitize of aircond. Now the air is fresher and lighter.

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    Nyam Chun Ming


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    Lilian Lee

    Professional and clean! Highly recommended!

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    Wong Poh Kwan

    Keep us free from bacteria, germs and dust mites

    Well Done!

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    My home is very clean now, they helped me kill the deep reap disgusting bed, now I sleep don't get itchy anymore, they work very well!!